Are you ready? Are there things that remain to be done? Well, the obvious answer is that there are always things that remain to be done, new projects follow old, new challenges come up as current projects come to completion. But, I’m not talking about that kind of ready, or done. I am talking about the kind of ready that relates to this world we live in. Earth has always been a dangerous place to live, you can get killed just trying to cross the street. But today, there is a rising threat that is endangering not only our freedom, but our very lives. It is not only a threat in other countries, but a threat here at home as well. I am talking about religious extremism. But I’m not talking about the Bible thumping preacher that pounds on his pulpit and tells us that we’re going to hell if we don’t straighten up and fly right. I am talking about the kind of religious extremism we see all around us in the news. I am talking about the kind of religion that teaches that if you don’t accept their version of the truth, then they will gladly send you to hell today. There is no personal choice involved, there is only one decision to be made, accept or die… I for one, will be sticking with the religion I have, a religion that teaches me to love my fellow man, not kill him. Christians may be narrow minded, and they may, at times, tell you you shouldn’t do this, or you shouldn’t say that, but by comparison, Christians don’t even know what narrow minded is. At least in Christianity, you get to have a choice. I have made my choice, and I am ready, Bring it On!