Hell week lasted, well, about a week, maybe a bit longer. It is amazing to see what stress does to a person, especially when that person is you (me in this case). It affected all aspects of my life, from my evenings and an inability to really relax after work, to my relationship to my wife and our having more arguments, to pretty much everything. Interestingly, one of my defense mechanisms, which is to take a nap when I get emotionally exhausted, didn’t work very well at all. My brain was so busy, going in tight little circles, it was hard to go to sleep. I am thinking this kind of stress is a really bad thing, and needs to be limited to very short periods of time. I really think that if it had gone on much longer, I would have started looking for another job, which at my age is not something to be done lightly.

Anyway, I thought I would update all of you that read this, so you won’t continue to think I am about to explode. I am not sure everything is back to normal, but it is much better than it was.