As we come to the “end of days”, and all eyes watch the unfolding of the conflict between Israel and her Arab neighbors, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, etc. I find it interesting that peace, even a momentary peace, as we seem to have today, can be obtained at all. Israel responds to attacks on itself with great force, and Iran pledges to wipe out all of the Zionists, which is just another name for the Jews. Clearly the Arab hatred for the Jews exceeds their will for self preservation. Iran builds her first atomic weapons, and can hardly wait to use them. As Hal Lindsey points out in his weekly report, this is not an ordinary war. This is a war between the God of the Jews (Yaweh), and the god of the Arabs (Ala). It is also a war predicted by Psalms 83:1-5 in the Bible, which says;

O God, do not keep silence; do not hold thy peace or be still, O God! For lo, thy enemies are in tumult; those who hate thee have raised their heads. They lay crafty plans against thy people; they consult together against thy protected ones. They say, “Come, let us wipe them out as a nation; let the name of Israel be remembered no more!” Yea, they conspire with one accord;

Clearly this has been coming for a long time, thousands of years at least. Can the war be stopped? No, I don’t think so. Can it slowed down? Well, it would appear so, but you can be sure that it won’t be slowed down any more than God wants it slowed down. You see, I know who is in control. It is Yaweh, the one and only God. He created the universe, and He maintains it from moment to moment by His will. Do we as Christians need to be afraid of these coming events? No, God promises that “All things work together for the good, for those that love the Lord”. So, do you need to be afraid of these coming events, if you are not a Christian? That is a good question.

Take a moment right now, to accept Jesus as your Saviour. Simply ask Him to be your Saviour. His answer is always YES!. Eternal security is only a few moments away.

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