Well, as I sit here in my shorts in an air conditioned house, while the temperature outside reads 97.3 degrees at 3:30 in the afternoon, on it’s way to about 99 by 5 PM, I am pondering the Sunday sermon this morning about suffering. The topic was “Suffering, an Internal Conflict”. You see, the internal suffering we do is because of the choices we have. We have a choice of whether to say the hurtful things we think, during intense conversations. We can let out the thoughts that pop into our brains, or we can realize they come from somewhere that isn’t helpful, and hold those thoughts inside, not letting them out as verbal bullets. That is the suffering part. Our emotions tell us that we want to say the things that hurt people, and if we don’t, we suffer from being on the receiving end of such comments. It isn’t a fun thing, but it is the choice we have. The choice to be like Christ, or to be like the voice in our heads tells us to be. We have a choice, a simple choice but not an easy choice. Have you ever heard yourself making an argument with your voice, and part of your brain, while another part of you brain sits around thinking this is stupid, why am I doing this? I have, and I suspect many of you have as well. I have a choice, a decision to make. The question is how will I make it?