We had a wonderful time at the Blowout. The weather was great, it only got hot for a shor time before the rain was supposed to hit, but the rain never came, so we just had nice cool overcast skys, great games, great music, great friends and a great time. Of course with every silver lining, there has to be a bit of a dark cloud, so we had a flat on the hospitality trailer. fortunately I had a can of flat fix in my bike for such an occasion and Don found an electric air pump in his trailer, so we just blew it up and went home Sunday morning after the service. I took a bunch of pictures and some video of the bike games, and the Sunday service.

Bike Games Video Clips:

Barrel Toss, Slow Race, Barrel Roll

Sunday Service at Tattor’s Park Video:

Don – Train Song
Don – Somebody Is Praying
Randy – Sunday Message

Here are a few pictures from the rally. (Click on a picture for a larger version)