Note: This is a “Chaplain’s Message” presented at the most recent UCOA meeting.

Who do you rely on? Yourself, your family, your club? We all need to have people we can rely on in difficult situations. If you don’t have anyone you can rely on, except yourself, then life can be very difficult. For example, it is very valuable to have a brother that will come to your aid if your bike breaks down, out in the middle of nowhere, or, if you get sick, and can’t work, it is great to have brothers and sisters that will put together an event to help raise money for your financial needs.

Friends are very valuable indeed, but even brotherhood has it’s limits. You don’t ask your brothers to do things that will harm them, and you don’t expect a brother to do something that you can do for yourself. Brotherhood implies a certain level of individual responsibility. I consider all of you friends and brothers and sisters, some of you are close, and some are not as close.

Those of us here that are Christians also have another brother. That would be Jesus Christ. Jesus is like the prefect brother. He cares for me, and he is always there when I encounter one of those difficult situations, and He always does what is best for me. He doesn’t always do what I want, because even I don’t always know what is best for me, but He does know, and he makes it happen. He does this by using people like me, and each of you to accomplish what is best, and sometimes we don’t even know he is doing it.

Sometimes it is handy to have another brother.