Do you ever feel like things just don’t work the way they should? I’m talking about people, relationships, organizations and the like. Have you ever feel like life ought to be easier than it is. I know I have. People never seem to be as committed as they should be, they don’t always do the right thing, at the fight time, in the right place, or for the right reason. I know, because I am one of those people, and so are you. You see, the problem is we are broken. The Bible tells us that we are created with a built in desire to know God, and to have a relationship with Him. He built us that way, but He doesn’t want a bunch of robots, so he gave us a choice. We can choose to put God where he belongs, in our hearts, or we can choose to put ourselves there instead. We don’t fit the throne of our hearts very well, but it kind of sort of works. Anyway, back to broken. When we are born, we don’t know God, so we go merrily along being king of our own lives, learning all these bad habits about what belongs to me, what is mine and what I want. Our parents try to teach us, as best they can, to share our toys and be nice to others, but since I’m the king, I don’t always listen. I am broken. Fortunately, God has provided a plan to repair what is broken. He sent Jesus to teach us how life is supposed to work. Jesus was a great teacher. But in fact, Jesus is much more than just a great teacher. Jesus is like the expert motorcycle mechanic, He looks at the problem, knows what is causing it, and fixes it in short order. When we put Jesus on the throne of our lives, he fixes us, and he does it completely. There is however, one little tiny little problem that causes the motorcycle mechanic analogy to break down. When you repair a bike, it is repaired, and it just works. But when Jesus repairs us, he still leaves us with the ability to make choices, and we have been well trained to make decisions the way “I” want. Fortunately, God has a lot of patience, and he keeps working with us as we learn that our own decisions are not as good as His. It takes time, lots of time. Sometimes I wish God would just take away my choices and just do things His way, but then He doesn’t want a bunch of robots, He wants us to understand that His way is the best way, and when I choose His way, I get to see that the results are much better than when I choose my way. It takes time, lots of time.

Tom Zimmer