Teresa had an accident a while back, when someone pulled out in front of her motorcycle. She has been in Brakenridge since that time, and will be getting out soon, but she has no insurance, and will need financial assistance for her recovery time, until she can get back on her feet. Her friends are having a fund raiser for her on May 20th, so please come. Most likely Teresa will be there, and would love to see everyone. Click the small flyer below for a bigger version of the flyer;

UPDATE: May 20th, 2006 – I attended this charity event for Teresa on May 20th, and there was a pretty good turnout. Unfortunately while out on the ride, one of my chapter members had mechanical problems, so we kind of got stranded in Kingsland waiting for a pickup. It worked out ok though, the three of us had lots of time to fellowship and talk with people passing by. It kind of gives new meaning to motorcycle ministry, sitting at 7/11 talking with people as they come by for Saturday supplies.