Well, here we are in the middle of February. CMA Seasons of Refreshing was last week, and we had a pretty good turnout for the 4 hour drive up to Canton, we had 9 people from our chapter in attendance. The total attendance I heard was 382, up from last year. Since food is an important part of life, we stopped at the Czech bakery on the way up to sample their fruit cakes, we had Dairy Palace’s great burgers Friday night, and wonderful BBQ Saturday at lunch. The travel was uneventful as far as I heard, which is good, everyone made it up and back safely with no tickets or accidents. Curtis’ teaching was right on, reminding us that we are each placed here on a mission, which is not to sit on a church bench and vegetate for our whole life. Church is great, and necessary, but real life, for most of us, begins outside the church as we follow the leading that Christ has on each of our lives. Curtis said a couple of times that he thought he was preaching to the choir, but I think we all need to hear that message at times, to remind us that when we don’t see God doing anything in our lives, maybe we need to get up and start paying attention to what the Bible teaches about loving your neighbor more than yourself. In simple terms, maybe I need to quit looking at myself, and start looking out. This was a message that I definitely needed to hear, even though, or perhaps because, I was deep into my own pity party through much of the weekend. Anyway, I will close this with a modification of a saying I have heard several times from an astronomer who said “keep looking up”, which I will modify to “keep looking out”,


I have posted a short video of Seasons on YouTube.com, you can watch the video HERE. (you need Flash to view the video)

And for those of you that don’t have Flash capability, here is a photo of the event;