Well 2006 seems to be starting out with a bang… No.. not a literal bang, uh, how about, we had two events this past weekend. Ok, that is more like it. We had a chapter ride Saturday, Randy our newly elected road captain took us on some back roads (for what I will forever call the “Chili Run”) to get to the Roadhouse, where we supported a fundraiser. Next we went to three bike shops dropping off “Ride With Us” flyers, and having good conversations with folks along the way. Finally, most of us went back to Randy and Paula’s for Chili dinner and socializing. A good time was had by all, and the chili was pretty spicy (see January 14, 2006 on my blog). Sunday we went to the Roadhouse again after church, to the UCOA meeting. We heard how successful the food delivery in memory of J.W. Rock was at Christmas time. Our chapter supported one of the (I think it was) 26 families with a J.W. Rock food basket and some Christmas gifts (see December 21, 2005 on my blog).

By the time you get this newsletter, CMA Seasons of Refreshing will be upon us. I hope everyone is making their best effort to go, and please note that Seasons is open to non-CMA members, spouses, pastors, and pretty much anyone that would like to attend.

Tom Zimmer
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