A few years ago, I worked on a project to design a new audiometer. An audiometer is a device that is used for hearing testing. The company I did this work for was called Tremetrics, and they were a leader in the area of hearing testing. Lots of people need to get their hearing tested annually, because they work in a job that subjects them to loud noises, like machine shops, or factories. Anyway, my part in the project was to select the computer hardware, and write the software that was used to control the audiometer.

I selected a small computer card based on the StrongARM processor, and I selected the Java computer language because it was good at graphics and such. Anohter person wrote the firmware to actually control the audiometry test hardware, my job was to create the GUI, handle user input, monitor test operation, and log results in a small database.

The finished product turned out very nicely, and was controlled through a touch screen interface with a 10.4 inch full color display. I really enjoyed working on this project, and I hope the products gets used for many years.

Here are the pictures of the product brochure, you can click on them to see a full size page.