As I write this, in December, I am look forward to what the future holds for New Life Riders in 2006. This will be an exciting year for me, we have several new members, and it is always good to have new blood, kind of like a transfusion, it puts some new kick in the (old?) mule. Looking back to the events of 2005, some of our members health problems have been resolved, though not all. We rejoice with Janice that her long ordeal is behind her and we appreciate the great newsletters she produces. Phil has been doing better recently, the strokes have subsided for now, as he keeps pressing forward toward the goal. Paula and Randy still struggle with health and financial issues, but are always generous and supporting, thank God Randy is a good hunter, and thank you Paula for keeping on top of our email tree and prayer needs. Doug bought a new house and has a new job that holds the promise of more flexible hours. George’s health is doing much better. Susan has a Trike now, and if the weather will cooporate, she can get used to riding it. Kelly found and is in contact with her birth mother, I can hardly imagine how life changing that is. Lin retired, and is still as busy as ever. We had a great Christmas party in December, and we delivered a huge food basket and some gift cards to a needy family as part of UCOA (United Clubs Of Austin). I have gone through two re-organizations at work, and I was asked to hold the position of Chaplain for UCOA. We worked for months to get setup to go into the Georgetown Teen Dention Center, and that work is paying off, Bill Brunson and Scotty have been trained, and Scotty and Janice have actually completed their first visit to the facility. More of our members will be trained in ’06, and will be able to go in as well. It is not a war of flesh and blood we fight, but a spiritual battle, but we know the Victor and He is able to do more than we can even think or imagine. To Christ be the Glory, AMEN!

Tom Zimmer