While Debbie and I were cleaning the garage yesterday, we came across a box of old pictures and photo albums from our early years. I put it aside, and then yesterday evening I went through it. It was fun looking at old pictures, and reading letters that Debbie wrote me shortly before I came home from my term of service in the AirForce in Turkey. I also ran across a bag that had some of my uncle Bob’s (Robert Cochran) photo albums and a book. On closer examination, the book turns out to be the family History of the Brown family as written by Oral Carl Brown a great-uncle (my grandmothers brother). I started to read it, and I found it very interesting. Oral was a preacher from about 1910 until his death around 1965. He was quite an evangelist, and clearly understood that God’s work is done by God Himself doing it through us, not by us doing God’s work for Him. Anyway, I have decided to transcribe it onto it’s own blog at: Brown Family History

If you are a Brown, a Cochran, or a Zimmer, or related to any of the other last names mentioned in the book, you might find it worth a look. I have to warn you that this book is over a 100 pages in length, and it will take me several weeks if not months to transcribe it. Apparently 50 copies of the book were printed and distributed to relatives, so if you happen to have a copy of it, and want to participate in this project, you are welcome to contact me and volunteer to type in some of the chapters. You can then email them to me for posting.