Here is a picture of my 1999 Harley Davidson RoadKing. It is a first year Twincam, and it has over 50,000 miles on it now. Like many of the early Twincams, it had the Cam Bearing failure, mine occured at about 46,000 miles, and two months under the 5 year automatically extended cam bearing warranty harley gave all the early owners. Naturally while having it repaired under warranty, I spent an extra couple of grand on the 95 ci Stage II upgrade with touring (mid-range tourque) cam. I have been very pleased with the very noticable increase in performance. I had the factory oil cooler installed near the beginning of it’s life, it gets very hot down here in Texas, and I didn’t want it getting overheated. I have averaged between 8k and 9k miles a year. I am a member of the New Life riders CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) chapter, we attend lots of rallies each year. Summers last from April to about November each year, and Winter seems like it is only about 2 weeks long, so we have lots of riding time here. One of these days I will tell you how I ended up with a Harley, and I will fill in the blanks on all my other motorcycles, from Vespas to Yamahas, to Royal Enfields.