This is a reminder of my favorite movie of all time. Yes it is Metropolis, but not just any version of Metropolis, it has to be the Georgio Moroder 1984 Laser Disk version. Various version of the movie are available, but this one is not easily available anywhere. I personally own the Vestron Laser Disk, and the Moroder audio CD of the movie, and I have personally converted it to DVD, using my macintosh computer. I would also like to obtain another copy of this version, if you want to sell yours. There is a lot you can say about this movie, but it has been said already many times, I can only say it is amazing, and if you ever have the opportunity to see it, then do it. You won’t regret it.

Oh by the way, while I don’t feel like I can loan this movie out, I am more than willing to setup a showing. If you would like to see Metropolis for the first time, or are already a fan of the Moroder version, email me and we will setup a viewing. We can make popcorn and everything. My email address is available on my profile page.