ROT is over! While working registration, we ministered to over 30,000 people. I organized pre-registration, sharing the job with Harvey Keil. We swapped off, working half days each, then I went home at night to my own bed, and slept very well in preparation for the next day’s events. I can only tell you that it went very well, and I especially appreciated the attitude of all you workers. Everyone was willing to do whatever I needed done. So, I thank you “good and faithful servants”.

Debbie headed off to California the day after the ROT rally ended, so as you might guess, it is rather lonely around my house. She usually goes to visit our children and grand-children several times a year. This time, she has been given the opportunity to extend her trip to go on a two week mission trip to Russia with a group from our previous church in California (before we moved to Texas). The team will be putting on a VBS (Vacation Bible School) while in Russia, and Debbie will be responsible for several of the lessons. She has a big heart for missions, and for children especially, so my sacrifice of letting her go for a total of six weeks is the least I can do. We would appreciate your prayers for my sanity while she is gone, and for her safety traveling, and for a powerful moving of the Holy Spirit while the team is in Russia.

You can click the title above to go over to the blog I put up that has infrmation on the Russia mission trip.