Anger. It comes from lots of places, it is caused by lots of things. People do things I don’t like, they say things I don’t like, They look at me in ways I don’t like. They drive their cars behind me, in front of me, and around me, and then they try to drive through me. I am not appreciated, I am too fat, I can’t do anything right. My computer doesn’t work right, it crashes all the time, it has viruses that I can’t get rid of, it is only a years old, and it is too slow. I am angry at myself, and everyone else. Sometimes I think the world would be a better place if I put everyone else out of my misery. Then I could be alone in my self pity…. Does any of this sound familiar? I know we remind ourselves that God is in control, and everything happens for a reason, but do I really believe that? Is He really in control, can all this stuff happen to me and around me, and yet God is in control? Why can’t God just snap His fingers and put a stop to some of this? Why can’t He just make everything right? Well…., there is an answer. Let me see if I can get my brain around this. 1. GOD IS IN CONTROL! Yes, He really is, and everything He does is in my best interest. As a child of God, the bible tells me that He work out everything for my good. So why would he put me through all this, and how can it be for my good? I believe the answer is pretty simple. God’s ultimate desire for me and you, is that we trust Him. Now I’m not talking about a casual trust, like the guy in the next lane of the freeway will stay in his lane, I am talking about the big trust. A trust that He cares for me, and He will take care of me, no matter what. I have problems with that, and I know you do too. So why does he do it this way, and not with a snap of His fingers. I believe the answer is choice. He has given us a choice. We can choose to trust Him, or we can choose to not trust Him. If we choose not to trust, and I some times do, I get to experience the results of my choice. Things don’t always work out so well when I rely on my own knowledge and experience instead of God’s. You see, our ability to choose requires that God train us to trust Him. He does that by teaching us that our own skills are not sufficient to handle all of our problems. We learn, slowly that God’s way is the best, and my way is not. God could have made us without giving us a choice, but then we would be a bunch of programmed robots. I think God’s way is better, it just isn’t as easy for me, or for God. You see He has to watch all my foolish self sufficiency, which results in lots of bad decisions along the path as I learn to trust Him. Do you think God’s way is the best way, or would you rather be a robot?