I do believe the rally season is beginning in earnest. The rain finally subsided (mostly) in mid-March and the Brotherhood of Bikers had their second St. Patrick’s Day Rally to benefit the Texas Baptist Children’s Home. If you didn’t go, they you really missed it, ‘cause it was great! They held it out near Pace Bend Park at Moon River Bar and Grill and they had all the usual rally features: fun, fellowship, poker run, bike show, door prizes, vendors, camping and a blowup moon walk for the kids. There was one other feature that really made it special — they had music, and I am not talking about one band. Since this was SXSW weekend, and there happened to be 600 bands in town, they got six bands to perform as a benefit for the charity. Oh, did I mention that the entry fee to this rally was only $10? The music was amazing, all the bands were great, and I’m sure everyone had their favorite. Mine was one of the bands that performed Friday night called Dawn Maracle. They played blues/rock with fantastic guitar and harmonica. Overall, I give this rally an A+ and I think it is likely to be much bigger next year.
On a second note, this past weekend, Debbie and I were on our way back home, tired after working on Debbie’s bike all day at Hill Country Motorcycles in Liberty Hill. As we were going along on Hwy 29, I looked over to the right and saw this lady standing next to her car and she was jumping up and down waving at us. Now, we get a lot of people waving at us but she didn’t look familiar and I couldn’t figure out why she was so enthusiastic. She didn’t really look like she was having car trouble and I really thought about just continuing on. But that little voice in my head told me I should go back. So after carefully checking my mirrors to make sure it was safe, we moved to the center median and made a uturn back to her car. As we pulled up next to her, she said she, her husband, and son had run out of gas and someone had stopped to help and given her husband a ride to a gas station a few miles up the road. Unfortunately, he had been gone for longer than she expected and she was about at wits end, worried he might have gotten mugged instead of helped by the other person that stopped. I listened to her story and then I asked if he had a cell phone. She said yes and that her husband had taken it with him. I pulled my phone out and said “Would you like to call him?” She took the phone and dialed him up. Everything was fine and he would be back in a few minutes. Her stress level dropped like a rock and she expressed her thanks for our assistance. I said I was glad that everything was okay and we talked for a couple of minutes, then Debbie and I headed off down the road again, filled with excitement that God had used us to bless someone. It is such a simple act. Listen to the “still small voice” and do what it says. Be blessed and become a blessing. It couldn’t be easier.