I just got back from Seasons of Refreshing 2005 in Canton. As usual, Curtis Clements, our Regional Evangelist, was teaching and I can only say “It was wonderful.” (Curtis, if you are reading this, I am not just saying that.) The topic was “Little Is Much”, that is, “little is much in the hands of God”. Now in all fairness to the topic, I can’t really do it justice in a newsletter article but Curtis did provide the essence on the cover of the handout we received for note taking.
Here are the bullet points for the “golden truth”:
1) God has a ministry for you!
My commentary: Reading the Bible and going to church is great but God’s plan for your life doesn’t stop there, in fact, it only starts there. In Exodus 4, God really wanted to use Moses to speak to Pharaoh but Moses’ refusal ultimately led God to use Aaron as Moses’ voice. God wasn’t happy about having to do that but the truth is, God will only use us to the extent we allow him.
2) God chooses to use what we have “in our hands”, no matter how little or insignificant, to accomplish the miraculous.
My commentary: God works the miracles but He always uses us and whatever we have at hand to complete the process. 2 Kings 4 is the amazing story of the widow that wanted her children saved from slavery. God worked a miracle but she had to participate in it.
3) God is not interested in our wisdom and abilities but is asking that we surrender our will to him.
My commentary: The problem with our wisdom and abilities is they get in the way of our letting God solve the real problem. In 1 Samuel 17, David faces the Philistine Goliath without any training in warfare. David trusted God to help him but he did take five stones with him to use against Goliath but God only needed one.
4) When we place our lives in the hands of God, we can depend on His strength and ability rather than our own.
My commentary: In Acts 16, Paul and Silas are unjustly beaten and imprisoned but they trust in God. So they start singing songs in their jail cell. God brings an earthquake and not only gets them out of prison but saves the jailer and his family as well. Oh, yes, and an apology from the governor as well.
Seasons was truly a blessing