Here we are, in the dead of winter, or at least as dead as the winter ever gets in central Texas. I hear it is expected to get down to freezing the weekend of January 22-23 – so I guess I’m glad there weren’t any actual chapter activities scheduled. Of course, not everyone had the weekend off. Debbie is going to prison, with Bill Glass, but I have chosen not to participate this year. Not sure why, perhaps it will become clear later. I do know that I want to be used of God for whatever purpose He has for me. It just isn’t to go to prison. Sounds kind of odd when I say it. I know there is a need, I just didn’t feel that pull to go this year. I guess I will just have to wait expectantly for God’s plan to unfold and keep paying attention while I wait. That is the hard part, keeping focused and listening while I wait for God to prompt me. It is so easy to get dragged off into doing something that isn’t bad in itself, it’s just distracting and absorbing and time wasting. Ok God, if I start to get distracted, could you speak up, nice and loud, so as to get my attention? Hmmm…, yes, I think God knows how to get my attention! How about you?