Welcome to the new year. We have new officers, new rallies, new experiences and new challenges. Our officers for 2005 will be myself (Tom Zimmer) as President; Doug Mullis, Vice President; and returning officers are Phil Underwood, Chaplain; Susan Potter, Treasurer; and Janice Walsh as Secretary and Newsletter Editor (when she gets her computer fixed). The Road Captain position remains unfilled at the present. A big thank you goes to the outgoing officers for a great job done in 2004.
We had a wonderful Christmas Party and I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Whew! I’m exhausted from all that relaxing over the holidays.
The Officers Training is this month and Seasons of Refreshing is next month, so please plan to attend those events. Training is especially important for those of us new to our offices and everyone needs a refresher to keep on top of the latest info from CMA headquarters. Seasons is a great time of fellowship and is open to all CMA members, prospective members, and friends.
As we move into the new year, the rallies will begin slowly and pick up as the weather improves. There will be new challenges this year because of all the possible rallies and events we can attend. We will each need to make choices about which ones to attend and which ones to skip. Don’t forget to consult God in prayer BEFORE planning to attend an event. There is no point in attending a rally in one place when God wants you somewhere else.
While I’m on the subject, let’s try to not beat ourselves up so much this year. We all make mistakes, sometimes accidental, sometimes willful. When that happens, God shows us that we have made an error and then we can get back on the right road. Let’s resolve to pay attention to God’s prompting and when He shows us our error, then let’s get on the road and move on. Then, turn off the guilt trip that always follows a direction correction. That guilt we feel after turning back to the truth isn’t from God. He has already forgiven us, so let it drop off on the road behind you and ride on into the light of God’s next adventure.
This is going to be a great year. The more we each travel the highways and byways, the more opportunities God will give us to bless and be blessed with His presence and power.