Well it is that time again, summer is mostly over, and things should (SHOULD) start to cool off some. Of course, as I write this in mid September, it hasn’t cooled off any, but I have faith that it will. Faith is an interesting thing, defined as “belief in something unseen”. Faith allows us to drive to work, believing among other things that we won’t run out of gas, or get into an accident. Now, I know, you are saying to yourself, I don’t need faith, to know I won’t run out of gas, I can look at my gas gauge. But, you really do have to have faith, since you trust the gauge to tell you the truth about how much gas is in the tank. You don’t after all; stop at every station along the way, to keep the tank as full as possible, because, you have built up trust in the gauge, that it will warn you when you are low on gas. So, faith is no big deal, it simply relies on trust, and trust simply relies on faithful, repeatable actions occurring under known conditions. So, why do I often seem to have trouble having Faith that God has things under control. Take this morning as an example. I woke up and felt overwhelmed by the thought in my head about all the things going on, and the part I am “supposed” to play in them. I think I stayed there for over half an hour, in my pity party, wishing things weren’t the way they are. Now, remember, I am complaining about my own life, not yours. I know many of you have bigger troubles/ challenges in your lives than I do, but at least this morning, mine seemed pretty big. Fortunately, I had someone right there with me to remind me that God is in control, not me, so what am I worried about. And, the amazing thing is that it is true. As soon as I turned all that stuff over to God, I could stop worrying about it. Like I said, trust is built up over a period of time, a time during which, God has shown Himself to be faithful to His word, and faithful to provide for my needs. I do wonder why I keep forgetting that God is faithful, but fortunately He is always around to remind me.