How do you feel right now? I have been pretty conscious of my level of stress lately, and it has been fairly high. The funny thing is, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with how busy I am, unless I am more stressed when I am not very busy. Lets look at some feelings, and see which category you “feel” like you fall into;

  • Response Category 1 —————- Response Category 2
  • I can’t do this anymore. ———– God, it’s your turn to take over.
  • No body understands me. ———— I wonder how Bob/Bill/Joe is doing.
  • Everybody is always picking on me. – Maybe he/she had a bad day.
  • You idiot, get off the road. ——- They must be in a hurry.
  • I’m bored, what’s on TV. ———– Ok, Lord, what do You want to do now?
  • I’m bored, let’s go shopping. —— “”
  • I’m bored, let’s go to Fry’s. —— “” (my particular favorite)
  • I’m bored, let’s browse the web. — “” (another favorite)
  • I’m bored, what’s in the fridge. — “” (uh, oh, these are all favorites)

Now I happen to have problems with boredom, so this list is particularly slanted in that direction, you probably have other issues. Please notice, that I’m not trying to lay a guilt trip on anyone, least of all myself, but if you, like me, find you fall into Category 1 more than Category 2, then here are some words we can note together. Category 1, is primarily inward focused, that is “Me” focused. Category 2 is outward focused. Inward focuses on why I am not happy. It makes for a great pity party, but tends to be very circular in nature, leading to depression. And, depression as most anyone will tell you is no fun at all. So, is there a way out of this rat race? Well, yes there is. First, we need to recognize where we are, and where we are going (am I focusing on me?). Next, we need to recognize we can’t solve this problem ourselves (inward focus is self perpetuating). Finally, we need to ask for help (God, show me your will in this situation). God is able to help, but for His own reasons, He has made us self capable beings that can solve lots of problems. We just can’t solve all of them ourselves. Fortunately He did give us the ability to know when it’s time to call for help. Is it time to for you to call for help? Are you at the end of your rope? Don’t let go, reach out and grab the hand that is always waiting to lift you up! Even so, come Lord Jesus.