I have been learning a lot lately about Grace, or maybe I haven’t been learning a lot. I’m not sure, but I do know I should be. Sure that is. I know I sound very confused, but I’m not really. You see, I have all these thoughts, thoughts that aren’t very, uh, well, not very nice thoughts. They happen at various time, in various circumstances, always when I’m having some sort of discussion or minor disagreement with someone else. What about, you might ask? Well it doesn’t really matter. The point is, these thoughts tell me that nobody understands me, and nobody really cares about me. They are stupid thoughts really, and I know they are not true. The amazing things is, that it is so hard to deny those thoughts and declare the truth, even thought I know what the truth is. Ok, here is a little bit of background. I have been under the apparent misconception that the thoughts in my head come from three different places. The three places are myself, God and satan. You see, satan, being the father of lies doesn’t want me to know the truth, so he speaks lies to me. God is truth, so He tells me what is true, and I thought I also needed to identify my own thoughts in all this. It was kind of confusing. You might be saying to yourself, that sounds right. But what I have been learning is that, when I accept Jesus as my saviour, I receive not only salvation, but I am completely changed at that moment, (including my mind) to be in perfect alignment with Christ. So there really doesn’t ever need to be any confusion. I am in Christ, and while satan is still allowed to lie to me, I don’t have to listen. I am finding that It isn’t really that hard to identify which thoughts come from where, the hard part is denying the lie and holding on to the truth. The Bible says “the truth will set you free”. I believe that, and God is helping me understand “Him” more clearly every day. I pray that God will show me the truth, so I can get out of the way, and He can live out His truth through me every day. I know “I” can’t do it, but “He” can. Won’t you pray this prayer with me?