As many of you know, Debbie is in the midst of the “Learning To Be A Mechanic” journey. This has been going on for a while, about a year I guess. One of the exciting things for me, is having my own mechanic to do the services on my Road King. They still aren’t free of course, someone has to watch over her, and make sure she does it right. Another neat thing, is that we happened to come across a ’74 Shovelhead basket case inexpensively, which she is rebuilding from the ground up. A fare amount of progress has occurred, everything was disassembled, the frame was then stripped and painted, we bought a new (to us) FL front end for a reasonable price. The engine bottom end was sent out a while back to Tom Elrod for rebuilding and balancing. It has just come back, so she is just about ready to start assembly. It will be very exciting to see it start to come together into an actual motorcycle. During this year, we have probably missed a few rallies, but we have gained a group of good friends at “the shop”. I’m describing Hill Country Hawgz of course. There’s Lisa, Tina, Ken, Billy, Gary, John, Chuck, Diane, and of course Gracy, Diane’s 2 year old daughter. We have met many others as well, too many to count or name, especially considering my inability to remember names. It has been a good year. It’s been a very good year. It has been a year when I learned a lot about God’s grace, and I am still learning. How about you?