I have just been watching an HBO special titled “Dwarfs: Not A Fairy Tale”. I don’t know if you have seen it or not, but it was very interesting, for several reasons. “Small People” are the size they are because they are born that way and they don’t have any choice in the matter, they can only respond to the situation and make a life for themselves that suits their size. Seems pretty obvious, how could they do anything else. An interesting thing though, is that all the small people HBO interviewed, appeared to me to have very strong personalities. Personalities that were not easily defeated or oppressed. Again, you might say, “that seems obvious”. They are required to overcome greater obstacles that “normal” people, and so they naturally get good at it, developing a strong drive to succeed. I guess that would be right, but I wonder how many of us, given that we don’t have to overcome those extreme obstacles, don’t really develop that drive to succeed. Maybe we just complain about the obstacles we do encounter. You know, one of the things I am learning as a Christian is that God doesn’t ask me my opinion before giving me an obstacle to overcome. Now I’m not saying God is out to get me, I fully believe that god only puts me into situations that will benefit me and mature me. What I am saying, is that God knows what I need to trust him more, and to trust me less, and He will accomplish his goal, which is to bring me to complete reliance on him. I guess my point is, that there isn’t much (any?) point in complaining about the situation we find ourselves in, because if God didn’t want me to be where I am now, He wouldn’t have allowed me to be here in the first place.