Well, I rode my bike today, for the first time in a while. I missed the St. Valentines Massacre last weekend, the poor weather gave me an excuse to wimp out, that and the fact that no one else from our chapter was going. I heard that attendance was down, but I still missed it and not just that I didn’t go, I missed the experience. I really like the Massacre, people are friendly, there are lots of bikes and lots of vendors, and where else can you camp in 30 degree weather in February. Oh well, I’ll have to try it again next year, and next time I won’t let a little weather stop me. It was really nice to have good weather today, it got up to almost 70. Hopefully today is a sign of things to come, fair weather and fun riding. If you haven’t pulled the tarp off your bike yet, then this is the time to do it. Get it into the shop and change those fluids, adjust those cables, pump up the tires and get ready to ride. Spring is nearly here, and the calendar is already filling up. Don’t get left behind. See you on the highways and byways.