Financial difficulties. You know. The kind where there isn’t enough green to go around. It leads to impatience, anxiety, and frustration. You know the drill, we have all felt it and we have all wished that it wasn’t so. But it is. Sometimes there isn’t enough to go around, and sometimes we just have to endure it. Words like tighten the belt come to mind, cut out optional expenses, and on and on. Those are not easy times, those are not times we look back on and enjoy thinking about, or do we? Seems to me, I remember a time when I was in the military, back in ‘70 (or whenever it was), we didn’t have a lot to spend, but being just married, we had each other, and somehow that was enough. I guess attitude does play an important part. The church Debbie and I are members of is having some fairly serious cash flow problems. We have had them for several years now, and even though everyone that attends our church will tell you that they know God is working there, somehow we just keep shrinking, and the money keeps shrinking along with our size. Lots of times, in the past couple of years, God has caused something to happen to carry us through a specific money problem and I’m sure He can do it again, as many times as he wants to. Thing is, we have never been “this” close to insolvency, and people are starting to get pretty worried. I often wonder why God chooses to use the methods He does. God always seems to use a particular technique to stretch us in an area we don’t want to be stretched. So if we are worried about our health, sometimes we have to get sick to learn that God will provide the health we need. If we are worried about money, then sometimes God has to take away our money to get us to rely on Him. You see, it is not about worrying, it is about “not worrying” and placing our trust in the One who can and will provide just what we need, just when we need it. It is not easy, I know I don’t like it, and you probably don’t either, but God didn’t design His plan to make us comfortable, He designed it to make us trust him