For the last few days, I have been working on the second lesson in the CMA Bible Study. Yesterday, I came across a question I had trouble answering. The question went something like this; “List the eternal consequences of prioritizing God’s Word.”. It isn’t an exact quote, but it is close. I couldn’t figure out what the writer meant by “prioritizing”. Following that question, there was a similar question about prioritizing other things in life, that weren’t eternal, and there were some bible references. So, I looked them up, and I think what they are talking about, was prioritizing, in the sense of “placing a high priority”. Now it starts to make sense. What are the eternal consequences of placing a high priority on God’s Word? This is a question I can answer. Here are some things I thought of, you can probably think of more;

1. Reading God’s word, leads to better understanding and a closer walk with Christ.
2. Sharing God’s word with others, results in salvations, and edifying other believers.
3. Reading God’s word also provides protection from being led astray by false doctrine.
4. Understanding God’s word helps me remember that God will handle the various problems in my life that need to be handled, and to let go of problems that don’t need to handled.
5. Understanding God’s word enables me to connect with the source of power I need to accomplish every task God gives me.

You could say, that God’s Word is Priority One. Everything I think, say, do, read or experience is validated or invalidated by God’s word. The Bible is the first and the last reference. All others information sources play “also ran” to the truth that the Bible provides. Are there things I don’t understand? Of course, but if I focus on the parts I do understand, then Jesus will answer any remaining questions I have in His time.