Last month I wrote about stepping out of your “comfort zone” to get a different perspective on things. Well, as what usually happens when you give advice about something, God gives you opportunity to try it yourself. As some of you know, my bike has been in the shop for about 3 weeks now and I have had a few “opportunities” to be a passenger for a change. Now this isn’t out of my ‘comfort’ zone, but it is out of my ‘preferred’ zone. At first, I thought it would be good to just sit and relax, enjoying the scenery. Well, much of the scenery in front of me was obscured by “The Big Blue Helmet”. And sitting and relaxing soon turned into “how many different faces can I make in “Big Blue”? or what are some creative ways to make hand signals? But by the third ‘view from the back’, I was actually beginning to enjoy it. It is kinda nice to ride with my arms around Tom, although the bonking of our helmets is a little annoying. And it’s easier to communicate when we’re on the same bike. I have also learned that even though it is windy, I don’t have to yell into his ear. So I have gained an appreciation for all those who take the back seat. I think Lin sent an email once about the benefits of riding double. One of which is going down the road together as “one” instead of each being in charge of their own little domain. He might still have the article if you’re interested in reading it. If all goes right, I should be back on the road by next weekend, although still in the ‘break in’ period, I may have more opportunities to get a “view from the back”.
till next month,