Today is Day two of the War. What a strange war we wage. Precision bombing, trying to minimize any collateral damage to the Iraqi people, and their natural resources. Highly focuses, and yet broadly covering the Iraq landscape. War is such a strange thing. I just saw an actor wearing a tea-shirt that had the statement “What Would Jesus Bomb?” emblazoned on the front. I suppose he was trying to communicate that Jesus is love, and peace, and wouldn’t bomb anyone, but there is a little problem with that. You see, I have been reading in Jeremiah lately, about the destruction that God brought on Babylon. Now, follow my logic here, If Jesus is God, and God caused Babylon to be destroyed, then Jesus caused babylon to be destroyed. Not a pretty thought perhaps, but true none the less. I sometimes wonder why people think Jesus is “only” love, and not any of his other attributes. I guess it must be wishful thinking, and I confess, I have done it myself. You see, Jesus is more than Love and Peace, He is also Justice. He has other names too, Defender, and Protector are two I especially like, and then there’s Encourager, Healer, Finisher, Provider, Holy One, Councilor, and many more. Of course there are also names that he does not have, like Evil one, and Deceiver. Those names are reserved for someone special, someone not entirely unlike you and I, at least sometimes. Those names are reserved for the one that has enough pride to think he can be like God. I thank Jesus that he forgives my pride, I only need to confess it to Him. Too bad the evil one can’t open his eyes and see the truth. The deceiver has become the most deceived of all.