No, not the marsh mellow kind. (although I do like those);-) Reminder to myself: be careful what you ask for. I thought it was kinda funny (actually I was flattered) that someone thought I would make a good V.P. Considering who I would be running against, I accepted the nomination, just to make things interesting. I wouldn’t really be elected, I mean, “—-” was the obvious choice. Well, guess who the new VP is?! After the excitement of actually winning abated, the panic set in. I’m responsible for what and a newsletter article too? I found out the Biblical example of a VP, is Joshua, a “jack of all trades” leadership type guy. Ready to step in where ever needed with confidence. One of my spiritual gifts is in the helps area, so I guess that’s a pretty good fit. But I am not so sure about the leadership part. So as I’m thinking “What have I gotten myself into?” this conversation starts taking place in my head. (I’ll quote God’s part.) “So don’t you think I had anything to do with this?” Yeah, but I’m a behind the scenes kind of person and some of this i won’t be good at. “And what about the secretary position you had for the last couple of years. Were you suited for that?” Well, considering my organizational skills, NO, but they needed someone to help. “And you did ok, even enjoyed most of it.” Yes, I’m amazed. “Well, that’s what i want to do for you this time too. I gave you the desire to help out and I’ll give you the means to do it.” End of conversation! So here I am. Your Vice President. Ready to help out where ever needed. waiting to watch God work through me. But, I don’t do windows (unless, of course you really need me to).

P.S. Riding tip I learned on our last outing: Lift face shield before sneezing.

Your Vice President

Debbie Zimmer