We had the TMRA II meeting in downtown Austin at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Restaurant on West, just off 5th. The meeting was good, and the burgers were great, but parking was a bit of a problem. Turns out we had been provided free parking a couple of blocks away, but when Terri tried to leave, she was locked out of the parking garage, and had to be rescued by Wes and his trusty cell phone. Everything worked out ok. Debbie tried to tell me about hte free parking, but I was too focused, so we paid for parking a block away, and had no problems.

We will be meeting at Lucy’s for the next two months, on the usual 3rd thursday. I look forward to trying the fish tacos next month, and trying to get there a bit earlier so we can have dinner finished before the meeting starts.

The weather was great, not too hot to be outside for an evening meeting. If anyone from south Austin was to to check us out, please come on. Meeting starts at 7PM, dinner a bit earlier out on the back porch.