Hello Everyone,

First of all to Debbie, Yes dear, I bought another camera. Anyone need one or two old Casio cameras? 7MP?

I went to Frys Electronics for the first time in a few weeks, big mistake! I found the HZ10W (great name!), 10MP, 10x optical, stabilization, etc, etc.

I actually went in looking for a Cannon, since they have had a great reputation for the last several years, but somehow I walked out with the Samsung. It wasn’t significantly cheaper ($20), but the HZ10W has a 2.4 mm (like 24 mm in a film camera) ultra wide lens.

Anyway, the last few weeks, I have been feeling kind of down, lots of pressure at work, and Debbie is off to California visiting the grand kids (it’s ok Debbie, don’t worry about me). Anyway, again, this morning I was reading my daily devotional, and it said something like “you have spent too much time going after things, which is draining you spiritually. You need to go spend some time with God, and get re-energized.” So, I picked up my trusty “thing” (the camera), and went in search of some time with God. I drove around looking for the infamous Texas Blue Bonnets, but… there aren’t any (not enough rain), at least not yet. So I kept wandering, and landed in Pflugerville, and parked near a green strip (a place with lots of grass where people can walk, cycle, jog, etc.). I started wandering on foot (yes Debbie I can walk), and found that this green strip was right next to the river. It was kind of overgrown, but there were a few places where I could wind my way over to the edge of the water, and so for two hours I just wandered around, looking for beautiful things (God made them!) to take pictures of. It was very relaxing and peaceful. I took over 100 pictures, and pared them down to 61, and published them as a gallery on my MobileMe account.

Take a look, I think you will find some you like. Oh, Dad, you aught to like lots of there, I used the Vivid and Forest setting for lots of them, so they have very saturated color. Forgive me Mark, I have dad’s color saturation disease :-}

A final note about the camera, it also shoots 720p (1280×720) video at 30 fps with stereo sound, and the zoom can be used while you are taking video. It shoots MP4 (AVC/AAC) directly, that is compatible with Quicktime.

I hope everyone is having a great year, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.



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